Whispers, Dining With The Enemy, The Screwtape Letters

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Inside Cup

I’ve been covering the book, The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis with a close sister in Christ. I am reminded over and over again how darkness truly tries to disguise itself so we turn against God and others. How deception will corrupt us from the inside masking anger, bitterness, and allow us to see ourselves always as the victim, and not the one at fault.

Last November, I started a writing project that is a cross between The Screwtape Letters and Pilgrim’s Progress (by John Bunyan). For clarity, I had NOT read at all anything of The Screwtape Letters when I started the project, and I’ve only gone about, maybe, halfway through Pilgrim’s Progress.

Ever since I began the project, there are some things God helped me write down that I cannot stop being aware of now.

Especially when it deals with whispers. 

Whispers are rampant. In music…

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